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LawyersNG Poll: Who will win the 2020 NBA presidential election?

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Adesina Oladele

0 %

Ajibade Babatunde

36 %

Akpata Olumide

63 %

Poll by tiitucker on 2020-06-19

lynda_agbo (2020-06-19 19:50:52)
Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN FCIArb and his team have done a very nice job. God the Rewarder of good work shall allow him to emerge as NBA President 2020-2022
benito5050 (2020-06-19 22:11:31)
I prefer Olumide Akpata
kelechiuwanna (2020-06-19 23:24:18)
Olumide Akpata has the leadership experience and requisite capacity to lead the Bar at this critical time. We can’t afford to get it wrong this time!
iymelah (2020-06-20 00:19:34)
Olumide Akpata is the man
fernandez (2020-06-20 07:03:33)
Lol! The obvious victor and most qualified is Babatunde Ajibade
lynda_agbo (2020-06-20 08:51:44)
Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN FCIArb has the required antics to restructure the bar; he has my support
ositambamalu (2020-06-20 10:40:48)
Dr Ajibade has the required experience, intellectual sagacity and required drive to bring the much needed change at the bar especially as it relates the relationship between the bar and bench
ichikere (2020-06-20 11:38:27)
Olumide Akpata has proven track record of experience needed at this time to take the Bar to an enviable height. The least we owe this profession is to support Olumide Akpata.
augustlegal (2020-06-20 15:42:29)
Babatunde Ajibade has all it takes to lead the bar at this time.We cannot fail the bar by voting otherwise. Ajibade all the way!!!
olabiyi (2020-06-20 17:53:47)
We cant miss out on Dr. Ajibade. I rebuke it. For posterity sake and in the best interest of the NBA
grandsas (2020-06-22 21:07:26)
Ajibade is truly the man for the job

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