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...As Abba Kyari Meets Abba Father!

By tiitucker on 2020-04-18 (edited)


By Okeoga Friday Darlington Esq.

Forty four minutes past midnight into this morning while men slept, Femi Adesina, the Media and Publicity Assistant to President Buhari informed us on Twitter that Abba Kyari has gone to meet our Abba Father who art in Heaven.

I received the news of Kyari's death with shock. I am no politician yet, so you cannot say that I am lying.
Times like this when all the money and connections couldn't save the most relevant Nigeria in the corridors of power, the truth about the weakness of our common humanity is laid bare.

It dawns on even the thinker and the banal fool that life is the case of a blind man looking for a nonexistent black cap in a dark room. It becomes clearer that life is not more than the snuff in the hands of the poorest widow in my village which she is taking her time to sniff away bit by bit, an illusion, a piece of beautiful emptiness, a tale told by an idiot, full of sounds and furry, signifying nothing. No thanks to William Shakespeare.

The person who will be most affected by Abba Kyari's death probably more than even Kyari's wife is President Buhari himself. His sworn friendship with Kyari is over 50 years old. Kyari was there for Buhari when nobody else was. Kyari and Buhari are Jack and Rose in the Titanic.

One could lay his life down for the other without a second thought. It was that bond of friendship stronger than the loyalty formed by blood that defined the relationship between them. I imagine Buhari still crying over Kyari's death right now. If you have seen an adult cry before, you know it's painful.

Kyari meant different things to different people. But knowing what Kyari and Buhari have been through together over the years, it was just understandable that Kyari was not going to allow meddlesome interlopers hijack Buhari's cabinet. So Buhari in trust gave him unlimited powers and while the President's health started failing periodically, Kyari by default became the de facto President. Buhari didn't mince words.

He said everything coming to the Villa whether human, papers or spirits should pass through Kyari. Some people said he was undermining the Vice President and became angry!

So, Kyari had both the knife and all the tubers of yam. He cut whichever size to whoever was deserving. He was so good with the use of the knife until it was better to have problems with Buhari than with Kyari. He decided who got what, when and how.
We all make mistakes. Kyari made his. Which was when he went to negotiate that powerful electricity deal for Nigeria with that company in Germany.

If he didn't go for that meeting since he is neither the Minister for Power nor the Permanent Secretary in the Power Ministry, I am sure by now, our Kyari would still be alive. But the devil which doesn't like powerful men attended that negotiation. Satan made sure that one white man who had Corona Virus shook hands with our Kyari and that ungodly handshake and hug after pen was put to paper trickled down to Kyari's death yesterday night.

Kyari was both the pencil and the eraser in the hand of President Buhari. Now that he is dead, the President is most vulnerable except he appoints a Babagana Kingibe whose friendship and loyalty can match that of Kyari.
Since 1960, there was enough money to fix our national health system.

President Nnamdi Azikiwe, Gowon, Obasanjo, Babangida, Shagari, Jonathan, Abacha, Buhari and even Kyari himself refused to fix at least the medical clinics in both Aso Rock and Doddan Barracks not to talk of any Federal Medical Centre in Nigeria because they can always fly abroad to treat cough, sour throat and ear infections. Corona Virus came and nobody could fly anywhere
If our national health infrastructure was in order, Kyari could still be alive. May be. Just may be!

If we are a serious country, we will learn from Kyari's death. We will see his passing as our national shame and fix our health system. When Kyari contracted Corona Virus and needed Ventilator to survive, there was none in the Aso Rock clinic that had received 13 billion naira budget since 2015. Worse still, London, America, Germany and Saudi Arabia where Nigerian politicians go for treatment were all on lockdown, so Kyari couldn't fly away to receive immediate medical attention. Who knows, if the Aso Rock clinic or even the nearby National Hospital was in order, the time spent to warm the Presidential jet and ferry Kyari to Lagos and the days spent to transmit his medical records from London before treatment would have not been necessary. Now, Kyari is dead.

My condolences to President Buhari, the Kyari's family and the good people of Nigeria!

It is appointed unto men once to die and after death comes judgement (Hebrews 9:27) and a fallen leaf is a warning to others.

God is merciful and gracious. Abba Father, you whose love is new every morning, nobody goes to heaven except by the reach of your Mercy and Grace since our greatest righteousness is a filthy rag before you. So Abba Father, forgive all the shortcomings of Abba Kyari, he was only human, a piece of clay like all men, and grant his soul eternal rest.


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