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SALUTE TO DASAN By A.O. Makinde Esq.

By tiitucker on Thursday 18th of June


Like words on marble
I have found most indelible
Your turgidity to the extreme
Serenely unperturbed, like my village stream
And your maturity, like a maiden's mirror
Reflecting the truth that admits no error

Just yesterday, my eyes fell on a petition
Seeking to murder your success in the election
Admittedly, your monkey be taught no tricks
Your cottage on rock, filled up with bricks
You really know them by their smelly fruits
To this extent, you have blocked their routes

Came afterwards, your response to your group
Like a dauntless general, you have braced up the troop
What you elder sees even while sitting
Many a contestant won't find, even while skating
Politics, you said, brings out the worst in men
This task you understand, not meant for the market women

Ride on DASAN, while detractors protest
Even on a level field, they dare not contest
You have taken their words with a pinch of salt
No time to check the time, no matter the insult
Ride on DASAN, we are waiting at the poll
Your pedigree has spoken, let them hugh the pole

Eureka! NBA politics has brought out the best in you
Verily, you do not only talk but also walk the talk
Who amongst the contestant can measure up to you
When your past achievements are not written in chalk?
To build the bar which all of us desire
We need DASAN that will never retire!


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