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Introducing The Foremost Lawyers' Forum In Nigeria!

By admin on 2019-07-20 (edited)

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This is to welcome everyone to very first of its kind. The foremost law forum in Nigeria. It is projected to have the largest gathering of lawyers, law students and enlightened individuals in Africa and around, discussing a variety of Legal and Allied issues.

Membership of is FREE, and accords its users a very effective platform to directly post articles, writeups, photos, videos etc on contemporary legal issues and Allied matters as they happen, anytime, anywhere.

LawyersNG as a community also provides new wigs the opportunity to network with more experienced seniors, and learn the ropes of the profession by asking questions on the go as it relates to procedures, authorities and principles of law.

Law students have a dedicated section, and this provides very timely updates by law students on the platform on the various happenings in the Law faculties of Nigerian universities, as well as the Nigerian law school campuses. Academic issues and questions can be raised with very prompt response time from other members.

Competitions will be organised regularly, between law students, and also amongst lawyers, and it promises to be fun-filled and come with very rewarding prices.

Periodic recognition and awards will also be accorded outstanding members.

Indigent members of the society can also have their legal issues addressed under the Legal Aid section. Lawyers on the forum are encouraged to pick up these probono cases as a way of giving back to the society.

We can be contacted via phone, email and our social media handles found in the "contact us" section below for enquiries 24/7.

To create a post, simply Create an account, log in, select a section that suits your writeup, and click on "Create new post".

For advert enquiries, including conferences, seminars and workshops, law reports and books, NBA politics, law apparels and materials, job placements, hotel services etc, contact us via phone or email through our "Contact Us" links below, or click here-

Looking forward to a very engaging community.

Thank you.
LawyersNG Team.

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