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Thriving In This Pandemic

By grandsas on Thursday 14th of May

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Hi Guys 👋🏻

How are you all doing?

The most Cliche answer I know is ‘I am fine’ even though clearly, everything may not be.

This is the first time I believe everyone reading this is experiencing a global pandemic. It started off as something that looked like a joke and now we are all locked up in our homes praying and hoping that it ends soon.

It has hit different nations so hard, thousands of people have lost their lives due to the virus and some others due to fear or hunger. The High and Mighty Nations are feeling the weight of this as much as the smaller Nations. It’s almost as if we have no where to run to. Some even think the world is coming to an End.

Nations are on Lockdown, businesses have closed, there’s ‘no major means’ of making money, the poor can barely survive on what they have and so some resort to robbery, people are basically living in fear. We are all advised or forced to stay home which leave most of us with sooo much time on our hands except for a couple of Essential workers who still have to go out. God bless them.

What happens to people whose lives have always been influenced by the outside world, Social media and people’s opinions? They live in fear of being irrelevant and so they try to keep up appearances. For instance, on some days when I open my Instagram app and if there are about 15 persons going live and I make an attempt to view the live videos, I get to see that only about 2-4 persons or just very few people have reasonable content out there. If these persons had built a life outside social media, this season wouldn’t have been a nightmare to them as it is now.

The Pandemic has made a lot of people restless. Personally, I’ve had a couple of panic attacks every now and then. The terrible fear of the unknown. I keep saying the scariest part of this Pandemic is not that we’ve been asked to stay home but the fact that there is no visible end to this right now. We know it will end but the time and season is what we do not know.

Going through my Bible especially the New Testament and more precisely the life of Jesus, I have seen many times where Jesus was asked to give a specific time as to when a particular event would take place and Jesus never gave a time. In fact, one of His answers was that knowing the time is the Father’s (God’s) business but after saying that, he told them what they should spend their time doing while waiting for God to permit the event to take place.

It means that our ‘TIME’, in a season just like this shouldn’t be spent asking questions we have no answer to. It shouldn’t be spent trying to make physical calculations on when the pandemic would end neither should it be spent gossiping or worrying about the future. I know how we may sometimes think that talking about a situation helps, but does it really? Maybe temporarily. In situations like this we have to trust God ABSOLUTELY, to get us out of this.

We shouldn’t also spend our time talking about God and not letting ourselves experience Him first-hand. Yes, you read that right. Talking about God is great, in fact it’s one of the major mandate Christ gave us before leaving the world. Going into all the world and preaching the gospel. In all you do, do not let your Preaching to people or sharing messages on God or about Him REPLACE the time you are meant to spend with Him. What happens when you are out of the knowledge in your head? You may give so much LIFE to people through your words but remain empty on the inside. Jesus spent a lot of time teaching, preaching and healing people who were oppressed but our Bible also tells us that, that same Jesus on many occasions, withdrew from the crowd, had night vigils just to have an ‘alone time’ with ABBA. If Jesus who according to the workings of the Trinity is God, spent time with ABBA, we as mere mortals need to do even better. Recharge your batteries guys, don’t depend on all you’ve studied in the past to sustain you. What happens when a phone is out of battery power? The Phone dies. It may be the latest phone, but without battery life, it is ‘USELESS’. So it’s not about how many followers you have, neither is it about the impact you’ve made in time past. If you don’t Recharge yourself you would in not time be ‘USELESS’ to yourself and the people around you. God looks forward to the time we spend with Him. We shouldn’t deny Him that.

Like I mentioned earlier, God is the only one who knows the end to this pandemic. This isn’t a prayer but have you thought about this? what if this pandemic lasts for 7 months, 1 Year or 2 years? Have you given that a thought? What will you be doing in that time ?

Are you just going to continue tapping your phone screen looking for the next update posted by a friend? Are you going to continue making live videos or joining one? Are you going to just continue eating and sleeping as though that’s all life has to offer? Will you keep worrying about what you fear may happen? None of all I’ve mentioned is bad but there’s more we can spend our time doing.

Recently, I told a friend something and I said, the worst thing that could happen to all of us now is death. Yes, that’s the worse. Everything gets so bad and then we all die but if it does get to that point do you want to die empty ? Knowing you had enough time to build yourself and grow your Relationship with ABBA but you didn’t ?

This is like a ‘waiting period’ for all of us. A woman who just finds out she’s pregnant doesn’t just fold her arms and pray for a safe delivery in 9 months. Within that period and amidst the prayers for a safe delivery, she gets up every day, probably goes to work, eats, shower, smell nice, meet with people, exercise and do other things while waiting. Although she’s waiting, she remains Active.

Remain Active guys !!! This is not a holiday as some of us see it (me inclusive). In Nigeria 🇳🇬, it started as a stay at home order for two weeks and now we’re already about 1 month in. If we were told that we would all be locked up for a month, we probably would have denied the possibility. We cannot tell when it would all end and trust me, coming out a better person would be one of the best Gift we can give ourselves. So many people have lost their jobs and some are still losing theirs. After the Pandemic, people who would remain relevant are those who thought ahead and took deliberate measures to grow. The world 🌍 has not stopped moving- do not be deceived, Earth is not on a standstill. This is a perfect time for growth In all facets of your life.

Here are few tips that I believe would be of great help to you in this Phase we all are in:

1. LET THE HOLY SPIRIT LEAD YOU- The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity and I can say He is the closest to us because He is right here on earth with us. Christ gave Him to us as a parting gift. It’s Amazing 🙌 what the Holy Spirit could reveal to you. Think of the greatest Prophets and Ministers you love to listen to Prophesy, do you know you have access to such information through the Holy Spirit? A lot of people have different things to say on what God is speaking to us about in this season. What is the Holy Spirit telling you ? Too many doctrines and theories are out there that may leave one confused. One thing I can tell you is that, if you do not have the Holy Spirit you wouldn’t know the difference. You would keep accepting anything you’ve heard. The Holy Spirit would lead and direct you on what to do with your time during this pandemic. Listen to Him. I have a full post that talks about our Relationship with the Holy Spirit and how to build it. Kindly check my previous posts, it would be right there waiting for you to Enjoy.

2. READ BOOKS – “The Journey of a Lifetime, starts with the turning of a page”- Rachel Anders. Read books on faith, your field of work, business, football, music etc. Just make sure no day passes by without you being wiser than a day before. Your Bible falls in this Category too. Study it as though your life depends on it. Note, I didn’t say Read, I said Study. Meditate on it day and night. You would be really surprised at all it has to offer to you and your growth would Amaze you.

3. LISTEN TO MUSIC- Music is a great therapy. Listen to songs whose rhythm lifts your spirit up or good Christian songs that keep your Faith alive. It’s been working for me and I believe it will for you too. Update your playlist ☺️. I know I’m talking to someone out there 😂. You probably do not want to listen to the songs on Your phone because you’ve heard them over and over again and you’re possibly tired. Get new songs, ask for recommendations. Sing along too. Ephesians 5:19. You can go ahead and dance 💃 as well, dance all your worries off. Be Cheerful. A Cheerful heart is good medicine.

4. MAKE DAILY CONFESSIONS- The Bible in James chapter 3 talks about the power of the tongue. Our tongue is so powerful and so use it to speak all the things you want to see happen. You have to make a lot of confessions because we are not wrestling against physical beings. The Spiritual controls the physical. Everything that happens in the physical is as a result of something that happened in the spirit. Ephesians 6:12. To be more practical, write your confessions down on a sticky note and place them where you would see everyday. If you do not have sticky notes, just write them on a sheet of paper and ensure you place them where you can’t miss. Confess them day and night and watch each of them Manifest in your life. I could help you with that, kindly drop a comment to indicate your interest.

5.REACH OUT- Reach out to your loved ones and as many people as you can. Some are very low on cash, some just need food, some need encouragement or prayers. Reach out in any way you can no matter how little it may seem. Your words or act of Kindness would definitely go a long way. Let them know they are not alone.

6. PRAY PRAY PRAY- Prayer cannot be overemphasized. The Bible encourages us to pray without Ceasing. Pray when you’re happy, pray when you’re Sad. Pray when you’ve Won, Pray when you’ve Lost. Pray when there’s no Pandemic, Pray when there is a Pandemic. We got to be alert and pray all the Time Friends. 🙏

There’s More I could share but I do not want to take more of your time than I’ve already done. Plus I’m sure there are other practices you are applying that are working very well for you. Kindly feel free to share with us in the comment section.

We can Win in this Pandemic and I want us to win together. If you have questions, thoughts, contributions or something you’d like me to pray with you about, do well to comment or send an email to
Talk to you soon friends !!!💋 ❤️

Love you all .

By: Charisa Makanto

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kingpato (2020-05-15 08:46)
"...The world 🌍 has not stopped moving- do not be deceived, Earth is not on a standstill. This is a perfect time for growth In all facets of your life. ..."

The quoted cannot be overstated. Someone needs to scream out those words out in the streets 😂

Nice one, Charisa 👏👏👏


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